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Kafé Calangues

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« Kafé Calangues » is the new born child of the European Day of Languages ! Encouraged by the success of the « café langue » organised on that very day, the comitte grew up and decided to offer, on a monthly basis, a chance for everyone to meet and chat in the language of his choice. The first edition will be held next week, so be ready for it ! On the menu : plenty of funny activities and lots of friendly people coming from different parts of the world. The only one thing in commun : the willing to share and discover other cultural idenditites. You’ll be free to talk and play in any language, have a drink (or two) to ease your pratice a little bit, or even find an e-partner to start a linguistic exchange…and more.  So we give you « rendez-vous » on Wesnesday the 4th of February 2015 from 6pm to 8pm at la Passerelle (26 rue des Trois mages, près de Notre Dame du Mont). We hope that you’ll be there, just to help us to make some noise ! Free entrance, everybody’s welcome. Please leave a message or a comment (see the box below) if you want to register. Feel free to circulate the invitation around you (here is the pdf, pardon my French). More information to come, so stay tuned guys !!!!!!!

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